Book Cover | Superhero

6633269985This was a book cover design I drew back in 2011 for a novel entitled ‘Superhero’ by the late author Richard Ellis (1958 – 2011), published by Just Done Productions.


Recharge | Energy Drink Concept

Energy drink concept, designed with gamers in mind (late nights, LAN parties, etc).  The battery element has the dual purpose of replacing the letter ‘e’ (note the 3 battery cells) as well as acting as recognizable product branding.

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‘Sudo apt-get’ – a nice little inside joke for Linux users.

This is the header for my new technology blog entitled Techamber (check it out!).  The site is devoid of content for the moment but as it develops I will continue to showcase content that I create for it (banners, infographics and so forth) right here.

Corporate ID | Bytez IT

I was approached by a start-up IT company, focused on reliable, competitive and impeccable customer service, with the request for a corporate identity revamp.  As flat design is trending, a clean, minimalist design was the order of the day.

At the time of publication the revamped design has yet to appear on the site but you can check them out here in the meantime.


Ubuntu Mobile UI Concept | Apple iOS 7 & Android Jelly Bean 4.3

This is a conceptualised user interface for mobile Apple and Android devices.  Using the latest version of Ubuntu as a blueprint, I created a streamlined and minimalist UI with a focus on security and simplicity.  This is the first part of a series of UI redevelopment projects I am working on, I chose Ubuntu for my initial project as I am a Linux user and support open-source software development.

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