Recharge | Energy Drink Concept

Energy drink concept, designed with gamers in mind (late nights, LAN parties, etc).  The battery element has the dual purpose of replacing the letter ‘e’ (note the 3 battery cells) as well as acting as recognizable product branding.

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Ubuntu Mobile UI Concept | Apple iOS 7 & Android Jelly Bean 4.3

This is a conceptualised user interface for mobile Apple and Android devices.  Using the latest version of Ubuntu as a blueprint, I created a streamlined and minimalist UI with a focus on security and simplicity.  This is the first part of a series of UI redevelopment projects I am working on, I chose Ubuntu for my initial project as I am a Linux user and support open-source software development.

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T-Shirt Concept | Avatar: The Last Airbender

This is a design concept for the popular show Avatar: The Last Airbender.  I decided to use the insignia from each of the four nations (Fire, Water, Earth & Air) and created a large, minimalist print for the front of the shirts.  Needless to say, any design can be applied to my t-shirt template, and I can fulfill any design request that a client may have.



Idea for a t-shirt print bouncing around your brain? I can make it happen.


Avatar Aang.




Laptop Decals | Apple Macbook Pro

As I am rather fond of laptop decals I decided to create some of my own for the Macbook Pro.  I took some basic flat images from around the net and modified them (shadows effects, gradients etc) to my liking in order to generate the best possible decal.  Rather than using stock images for the Macbook I created one from scratch, using 2D objects which I melded in order to create a realistic 3D template in which to showcase the designs.  If you’d like to see some more designs or if you’d like me to create something specific let me know.  Enjoy.

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Monster Vinyl Sticker Concept


monster_vinyl_conceptThis is a concept design for the types of vinyl stickers you see plastered to skateboards, surfboards and cars.  As a rule, these designs are limited to one or two colours (usually black or white) and are fairly easy to produce.  These types of stickers are very popular with skateboarders and can be a great promotional tool for your brand.