Glass Icons | Android Jelly Bean 4.3


While flat design is definitely trending for 2013-2014, that doesn’t mean I can’t showcase a bit of shininess.  Pictured above and below are examples of gloss ‘glass’ type icons, similar to the Windows Aero theme.  Though flat design is certainly stylish, glossiness will always be able to turn heads.


These are examples of multi-textured icons set beneath a layer of gloss, giving it a three-dimensional quality.


Metro-style Icon Design | Android Jelly Bean 4.3


Thought I’d start with something simple.  Pictured above is a Metro inspired design for Android Jelly Bean 4.3 OS.  As I am an Android user, I just picked a handful apps that I use on a regular basis and ‘slimmed down’ the icons to suit the minimalist style of the latest Microsoft OS.  The first 6 icons use the original flat colours of Metro while the rest use a ‘watered down’ variation at 70% opacity.